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Nowadays there are many industrial sectors that have the need to store raw materials for their production process or finished products.

In many cases, the industries do not have a reserve of land to implement a new storage area and on other occasions the acquisition cost of the land is very high. Therefore, the most suitable solution to store large quantities is to do it vertically, through the implementation of silos.
At INGENOVA we have extensive experience in the design and calculation of silos, both metal and concrete.
INGENOVA advises each client on the most appropriate type of silo, since it is not the same to store a solid with high cohesiveness (cement, ashes, clinker… etc.) or little cohesive (cereals, gravel… etc.), nor it is the same to store liquids (water, oil, wine… etc.) facing solids, since their filling or emptying will be different. There are abrasive materials that require particular solutions to preserve the structural integrity of the silo, as well as materials for human consumption that require different finishes to avoid product contamination.

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