Date: 09-2022


Our services in this project consist of design and fabrication engineering of a series of metal platforms and structures in the expansion of the laminated plaster production line at the factory that Saint Gobain has in Quinto de Ebro (Zaragoza).


The Micesa group participates in the fabrication of structures, platforms and ducts, as well as in the assembly of the new drying line in aforementioned town and for this, Ingenova has carried out the development of the maintenance platforms design and the auxiliary equipment structures.


The works that are being developed are platforms 1, 2 and 3 and the access stairs to the preheater, the chimney support structure, the HEX support structure, the stair tower, the bundler support table and the chimney calculation.


It should be pointed out that each structure has been calculated and modelled with BIM technology.

Colaboración con el grupo MICESA en su participación en la ampliación de la planta de Saint Gobain en Aragón