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Engineering of a fines silo in Morocco

Developed in: Morocco
Date: 2023



The purpose of this project has been the engineering of a silo for fines with a diameter of 11.50m and a height of 12.50m for the “Zgounder expansion” project that Duro Felguera is executing in Morocco.



Zgounder is a mining activity for the prospection, extraction and processing of precious metals (silver).



The works have consisted of engineering services for the review of the conceptual engineering and the realization of the basic engineering and fabrication of the silo.



Specifically, our services have included basic engineering and structural detail for the definition of all the elements that are part of the construction of the silo, including the fabrication and erection drawings in the workshop.



Two alternative unloading options have been analyzed through the silo wall to an external storage, in addition to the conventional one through the bottom of the silo. One of them consisted of an overflow on top with a slide. The second alternative, which was chosen by the client, consisted of a 2.0m x 2.0m opening at the bottom of the wall.



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