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Structural audit of two mineral processing facilities in Denmark

Structural audit of two mineral processing facilities in Denmark Date: ……………………………………..-2023     Ingenova is performing the structural audit of Mors and Fur mineral processing facilities in Denmark. In particular, the works have been based on silos, warehouses, structures and transport.     A visual inspection and collection of the available information on the metal […]

Designed a 1,000-ton metal silo for ash storage

  Our services have consisted of the engineering of a metal silo for a storage of 1,000 tons of ash (2,000 m3), including detailed engineering of the civil area and the structural and silo areas for Kemex-Ingesoa company.   In order to carry out our services, Ingenova has carried out the calculation and drawings of […]

Ingenova, new member of ARPHO

  Ingenova joins the ARPHO Association for concrete repair, reinforcement and protection as a new member to broaden its knowledge in the sector and improve the service provided, pursuing one of its main values, which is maximum customer satisfaction.   ARPHO was born in 2010 with the aim of bringing together the group of companies […]

Structural audit of a cement factory in Spain

Auditoría estructural de una fábrica de cemento en España

  A visual inspections campaign and collection of available information about the metal and concrete structures of a cement factory has been carried out in order to assess the state of conservation, detect and catalogue structural pathologies that require repair in the factory maintenance works.   The action plan is based on the following line […]

Project for a cement grinding plant in Guatemala

In this new project we are carrying out detailed civil and structural engineering for a cement grinding plant developed  in Guatemala. The grinding plant includes: a building with a metallic structure measuring 25 meters by 15 meters in surface area and 30 meters high with a main floor for the primary filters, a second floor […]

Working with CEMTEC on the Ghanex project

Trabajando con CEMTEC en el proyecto Ghanex

  Ingenova has been contracted by CEMTEC for the development of the civil and basic-detail structural engineering for the second cement grinding line.   CEMTEC Cement & Mining Technology supplied a grinding plant in Tema (Ghana) for its client CIMAF 3 years ago, in a project called GHANCEM. Now CIMAF plans to increase the capacity […]