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Civil engineering for repairs in two mineral processing facilities in Denmark

Developed in: Denmark

Date: 2024


Imerys is the world’s largest non-metallic mining company and the world’s leading supplier of specialty minerals to industry. It offers functional solutions with high added value for a large number of industries, from manufacturing processes to consumer goods.


In Denmark, Imerys is represented by two processing facilities on the islands of Fur and Mors, where the “true moler” is found, which is a unique type of non- clumping clay formed about 54 million years ago. In addition to producing moler and calcined moler, they process other minerals such as bentonite, perlite, attapulgite and montmorillonite, which come from operations elsewhere in the world. 


An audit was recently carried out by Ingenova where the structural state of the factories was evaluated. In this audit, the state of the buildings (silos, warehouses and conveyors) and the urgency of recovering the structures were analyzed, establishing a global repair plan for them.


After successfully carrying out this audit, Imerys has once again trusted us to develop the civil engineering for the repairs of buildings and structures that show greater deterioration.



The design of the repairs has focused on the following areas:


Installation in Mors:

  • Kiln cover


Installation in Fur:

  • Buildings, silos and conveyor belt
  • Towers and conveyor belt
  • Silos and structural support


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