Date: 05-2023


Ingenova joins the ARPHO Association for concrete repair, reinforcement and protection as a new member to broaden its knowledge in the sector and improve the service provided, pursuing one of its main values, which is maximum customer satisfaction.


ARPHO was born in 2010 with the aim of bringing together the group of companies specialized in:

  • concrete repair
  • concrete reinforcement
  • concrete protection
  • repair and/or structural reinforcement of other materials, using techniques similar to those used for concrete


Its objective is to promote the professionalism of the union and promote the work of its associates as well as to constitute a support platform for member companies.


It should be noted that the structures are projected to have a useful life of at least several decades, so it is necessary to carry out maintenance and conservation actions since concrete, like any material, deteriorates over time.


In the event of damage to concrete, companies specialized in its repair, such as Ingenova, provide a wide range of technical solutions such as:

  • Studies of pathologies
  • Actions in direct repairs on already damaged areas.
  • Design of reinforcements on concrete elements
  • Studies on the application of protectors against different agents.