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Metal silo of 1,000 tons for storage of ashes

Developed in: Morocco
Date: 2023

Engineering of a metal silo for storage of 1,000 tons of ash (2,000 m3), including detailed engineering of the civil area and the structural and silo area.

In order to carry out our services, Ingenova has carried out the calculation and plans of the support structure and plans of the silo, in both cases with manufacturing plans.


The scope of our services has included:

  • Silo calculation
  • Calculation of the support structure
  • Foundation calculation
  • 2D plans of the civil area
  • Exploded schedules of the reinforcements of the foundations
  • General plans of the silo structure and ladder
  • Manufacturing engineering (assembly drawings and assembly and parts drawings) of the silo and the structure.
  • 3D model of the silo developed in AutoCAD Inventor
  • 3D model of the structure developed in Tekla Structure
  • Measurements and bills of materials
  • Calculation memory


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